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Photo Title Description Price
Wheelchair A wheelchair in great shape 400.00 OBO
Shop vac A shape vac in good working order 30.00 OBO
Jewelry holder Great shape $5.00 CAD
Car mats Two front rubber and four brand new carpeted car mats for a hyundai sonota $20.00 CAD
Exterior door An older 32 inch exterior door sale without a frame $30.00 CAD
Exterior door A 36 inch door with the door knobs on the right side when u walk in. Has a nice piece of glass in it too. Door has been removed from the house $200.00 CAD
Large mirror A large mirror with wheat etched into the glass. Great shape $40.00 CAD
Free Take one or take them all Free
Yoga mat Brand new in the bag 15.00 OBO
Eavestroughs Three eavestroughs, good shape one is about 27 feet long and the two smaller one are about 18 feet long and they have elbows and downspouts $40.00 CAD
Boat motor gas tanks Two boat motor gas tanks for 20 or 10 a piece $20.00 CAD
Pineapple peeler A new in the box pineapple peeler 10.00 OBO
Paint A brand new can of tough coat industrial paint. Never needed it. Brand new 80 but I'll sell it for 50 $30.00 CAD
Advent pump and pads Advent pump and pads please phone 204-223-4496 $50.00 CAD
Tools and tool box A variety of tools and a tool box $10.00 CAD
Decorative glass Two pieces of decorative glass with all the hardware to hang it on your wall $10.00 CAD
Vase A pink vase $1,000.00 CAD
White cupboard A white cupboard with a drawer and a two shelves 20.00 OBO
Light fixture A three bulb light fixture 40.00 OBO
Hose and reel A hose and reel works good $10.00 CAD
Picture frame A picture frame with three spot for pictures $15.00 CAD
Interior doors I have two 32 inch interior doors with handles good shape. The handles are on the left hand when u walk in 15.00 OBO
Medicine cabinet A bathroom cabinet 20.00 OBO